Our program provides a nurturing environment for the child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Each child in our center is allowed to grow at his or her own pace. We provide a curriculum that develops creativity, self-expression, the feeling of success, uniqueness and belonging. Our teachers set up a balanced and a caring program to help each child develop at his/her own pace. Our program includes directed activities, group learning and learning centers to meet the goals.

Some examples of these activities and their goals are:

  • Availability and use of clay, play dough, scissors, paste, paint & crayons to develop creativity, self-expression and an understanding of colors.
  • Tabletop activities such as playing with manipulative toys and puzzles to develop small muscle coordination, math concepts and responsibilities.
  • Proper rest time to promote growth and relaxation.
  • Outside play to develop large muscle coordination, self-expression, free exploration, discovery and independence.
  • Encouragement of social and emotional growth through creative finger plays, music and stories.