To create a fun experience for children to learn and grow in a loving, safe way! We believe gym kidz custom curriculum will enhance learning in school, improve social skills, teach teamwork, patience and most importantly, self confidence.


Ms. Kamilla—Art for Kids (Her mission described below)

She will teach them how to use materials and ask them some key questions that will welcome the children to make their own decisions. They may draw it, paint it or model it in clay or even use fabric. Art in short, is very important to the children’s development and helps them become more imaginative and creative as adults.

  • Ms Kamilla
  • Monday 3:00 pm


The Benefits for Your Child:

  • Increased psycho-motor through fun fitness activities
  • Introduction to team dynamics
  • Character formation (lessons in honesty, sharing, helping, respect, self-control, attitude)
  • Development of active lifestyle habits

Program Soccer Shots sessions have been professionally designed and are led by trained instructors. Each 30-40 minute weekly session is held at our school. The primary objective of each session is to creatively introduce your child to the sport of soccer. Character development, physical skills and fun are guaranteed in this exciting new program.

Each Soccer Shots session incorporates the following:

  • Basic soccer skills
  • Exclusive Soccer Shots games
  • Word of the day
  • Use of imagination
  • Fun fitness activities and exercise
  • Coordination, balance, and agility development

Classes Provided by Creative Children – no additional cost

  • Coach Paul
  • Wednesday 3:00 pm


They will be introduced to music and sounds from around the world through listening, singing, dancing and playing percussive instruments. They will learn about music vocabulary and famous musicians as well as participate in fun movement activities that will enhance motor skills, social skills, self-esteem and over-all appreciation of music.

  • Mr. B
  • Monday 7:00 am

Physical Education

Ms. Diane of KID-FIT (Their mission described below)
The ultimate goal of the KID-FIT program is to emphasize the importance of good health and wellness habits. Sound eating, regular exercise and personal safety are all part of a healthy lifestyle. Through physical education children learn, in a fun way, how to take care of their bodies for a lifetime of good health.

Dance Class is held Thursday mornings. It includes dance, games and movement. This class helps develop rhythm, body coordination (large muscles), listening skills and learning to follow directions.

  • Ms Diane
  • Wednesday 8:00 am